Xecret.io solves the old age problem of securely storing “secret information” on paper. Absolutely it is a needed tool for the blockchain communities.

2 min readFeb 26, 2023

Xecret.io is the only comprehensive offline backup solution on the market that simultaneously protects its users’ confidential information against physical loss, fire, and theft.


Xecret.io has officially launched its breakthrough on-paper encryption technology used for cold-storage of highly confidential information, such as crypto wallets’ seed phrases, private keys, recovery tokens and other highly confidential information. To safeguard highly sensitive information, cold storage is the most secure option. This involves keeping the data offline to prevent online hacking attempts. However, cold storage is not foolproof. People who use unencrypted single medium formats such as paper or metal storage are still at risk of theft, loss, and physical damage.

Xecret.io offers a cutting-edge solution that utilizes two powerful technologies: Private. me’s information dispersal algorithm (IDA) and cryptographic QR codes. The IDA protects users’ information from physical loss, damage, and theft by sharding encrypted data into multiple slices, while QR codes allow its app to work quickly and easily. Compared to other solutions, such as metal plate engravings, which are labor intensive, expensive, and fail to protect against theft or loss. Xecret.io’s ability to provide simultaneous protection against loss, fire, and theft is a significant step forward in cold storage technology.

Xecret.io is the perfect solution for safeguarding recovery phrases for any digital wallet that generates a seed phrase, including popular options like CoinBase Wallet, Trust Wallet, and Meta Mask, as well as hardware wallets like Ledger Nano and Trezor. It can also be used to secure one-time-use tokens like Apple ID’s Recovery Keys or Google’s Backup Codes.

Xecret.io is putting up a $1,000,000 reward for anyone who can successfully crack the encryption of two cryptographic QR codes featured on their website.

The challenge involves recovering a Meta Mask wallet’s seed phrase that is hidden within these QR codes. The goal of this bounty is to publicly demonstrate the unparalleled security of individual QR codes. If you’re up for the challenge, you can find more information and participate by visiting this link.




Store a seed-phrase on paper, fully encrypted inside a set of QR-codes. Seed phrases are immune to loss, fire and theft by our threshold recovery system.