Xecret.io Security: Overview

2 min readOct 18, 2022

Protect your seed phrase against loss, fire and theft


Xecret Security — Set of Three / Threshold of 2

Crypto assets can be stored in a variety of ways, ranging from exchanges to hardware devices. Each of these storage options offers a different level of security. Our goal at Xecret.io is not to tell you how to store your assets, but to improve the security of the solution you choose by protecting your seed phrases from loss, fire, and theft.

Trust & Seed Phrases

Xecret.io was built to provide the highest levels of security and privacy. We designed Xecret.io to work on and offline to prove that Xecret.io servers never see your confidential data. View our article on best practices to learn how to use Xecret.io offline, allowing you to use the product in a trustless environment to maximize your privacy.

Xecret.io requires only an internet connection to verify your account login and to purchase credits. All processing related to the creation and recovery of QR codes is done on the client side and can be conducted offline, ensuring that the Xecret.io servers never see your confidential data.

To demonstrate that your confidential data is only processed client-side and never seen by our servers, we have allowed outside security experts to review our code base and have implemented security mechanisms to ensure that the code does not change without a new security review. Learn more about this process or apply to review the code.

To further demonstrate our commitment to security, we have implemented a bounty program to encourage the white hat community to find flaws in our software, and are offering a $1,000,000 bounty to anyone who can crack the QR codes posted on our bounty page.

Works with all Wallet Types

Xecret.io works with any hot or cold wallet that generates a seed phrase, regardless of the digital assets or supported chain. It is the only solution that simultaneously protects against loss, fire & theft.




Store a seed-phrase on paper, fully encrypted inside a set of QR-codes. Seed phrases are immune to loss, fire and theft by our threshold recovery system.