Store your seed phrase on paper, fully encrypted
Nov 4, 2022


Xecrets is the only fully encrypted solution that stores your crypto wallet seed phrase on paper. Keeping your confidential data encrypted on paper eliminates the possibility of hackers gaining access to it.

Three Xecret QR Codes. Encrypted data stored within.
Set of Xecrets

Xecrets are collections of multiple printed QR codes. Each Xecret in a set should be kept in a remote location (e.g., Home, Work, Safe Deposit Box).

A single Xecret has no value to a thief. In addition to being encrypted, it does not contain enough data to retrieve any confidential data stored within. The thief would have to physically access Xecrets in multiple locations to retrieve their confidential data.

Xecrets protects the owner from loss, fire, and theft. Even if a single Xecret is compromised, the owner can recover their confidential data by retrieving the remaining Xecrets.

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Store a seed-phrase on paper, fully encrypted inside a set of QR-codes. Seed phrases are immune to loss, fire and theft by our threshold recovery system.